Renzi Summer Film Camp 2009

The Renzi Summer Film Camp is a three - week camp for 2nd through 12th grade students.  Under the guidance of professional film artists, Renzi Film Camp Participants have the opportunity to explore various aspects of film, including screenwriting, camera composition, acting, costume design, prop creation and editing. 

2009 Sponsors
Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows
Johnson Controls - Blue Sky, Inc. Fund
The Robinson Film Center

Also supported in part by a grant from the Louisiana State Arts Council, the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, and by the City of Shreveport through the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.

Premiere at The Robinson Film Center

The 2009 Renzi Film Camp will present four shorts at the Robinson Film Center on August 23, 2009, from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.  Admission is FREE. Call 222- 1414 for more information.  

The Remarkables present The Remarkables V- Play Dead Forever

Have the Remarkables met their match against a crew of blood-thirsty space pirates? Or will Mega Cyber Eleven's dark past emerge to besiege them?

The Shooting Machines present Glitch Crime and Detection Agency

Hunter Holmes is the new girl at the Glitch Crime and Detection Academy.  While others at the school are into mainstream detective work, Hunter prefers the mysteries surrounding the paranormal, and gets ridiculed by her classmates for being different. Can Sergeant Michael Jackson help bring them together when a murder mystery arises?

The Electric Eels present Stolen Thunder

The Destiny Starr concert is tonight, and everyone's going wild! Some a little too wild...Can Destiny and her entourage face up to an obsessed (and insane) fan, a hit-man, and Dolly Parton? Well, the show must go on!

Team Epic present EGGE

While an eager and rather intelligent nine-year old boy attempts to build a time machine, his endeavers go completely astray as the dreaded Lulu and her posse attempt to destroy his reputation.  Bryston and his assistant friend Electro trot upon an expedition to save his adulthood.


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Call 222 -1414 to schedule a tour, enroll a youth, volunteer or to make tax-deductible contribution.